You could place an order in four different ways (whether for domestic or international purchases).

1- Place an order over the phone

You could place your order by calling the company. After the initial order submission by our phone operator and its registration on the CRM system, the order will be handed over to the responsible expert, who will be contacting and providing you with the required specifications on your inquiry as well as sending product analysis (if required), product samples (if necessary) and issuing the quotation which includes an affordable price; the invoice will be issued then and you will be noticed about the loading and the delivery time. The process will be precisely followed up, step by step by the responsible expert.

2- Place an order online

You could easily place an order on KPS website through the “order submission” icon. The responsible expert will be following up your order as soon as they receive it. Price quotation, sending the product analysis and sample (if necessary) will be done by the expert. The advantage for this kind ordering is that it allows you to put your order outside working hours and during holidays and receive replies, as our sales experts are constantly monitoring the incoming online orders. Most of the online orders are sent to the responsible experts by the company’s commercial manager and they are followed up with great consideration and speed of action.

3- Place an order via FAX

You could place your order by sending an inquiry through the fax machine and the responsible expert will send the quotation and follow up the order until the desired results are achieved.

4- Place an order in-person

By arranging a meeting in our central office, you could negotiate with commercial manager and the CEO of the company face to face, and the responsible expert will be following up on the outcomes of the meeting until the desired results are achieved. Usually, the exported products need accurate examinations which it’s procedure will be coordinated during the meeting.

The buyer will deposit the cash to the company’s bank account; After verification of the deposit, the customer will be notified by a phone call.

Note: The buyer may send the receipt through the fax machine or by email. However, phone verification is mandatory.

We are ready to utilize the capitals of our investors in different levels of our business. Whether be the processing, producing, exporting or importing different chemicals and will plan different projects according to the specific schedule.

  • Planning a project is subject to the amount of investment.
  • We are ready to cooperate with our investors in sales and marketing as well.
  • A reasonable profit will be defined for each project, based on its timing and duration.
  • If you are interested in investing and taking part in sales and marketing, the company will be directly responsible for it and the whole stages of our cooperation is optional and definable.
  • The combination of our experience and your capital, we’re able to define both short-term and mid-term business plans.

Online submission of your inquiry through KPS website (kimiapars.com)

Email submission of your inquiry (info@kimiapars.com)

Fax submission of your inquiry (+98 – 21 88 99 77 35)

It is possible to receive product samples as students, researchers and scholars after shipping payment (both in person or postal).

The cost only includes shipment expenses of the sample and is totally non-profit (doesn’t include neither the cost of the actual product nor any profit) for the company.

You can submit for product samples via this link.

Submit a request for sending product samples and analysis through the website – (kimiapars.com)

Submit a request for sending product samples and analysis to our sales experts

Submit a request for sending product samples and analysis through email (info@kimiapars.com) or fax (+98 – 21 88 99 77 35)

  • The buyer will submit the required product by providing the name, amount and specifications of the product, as well as their legal identity.

Note 1- the company will send the analysis or product sample on demand of the customer (after shipping payment received)

  • The proforma invoice including price, tonnage, warehouse costs, shipment and 8% of value added will be issued for the customer.
  • The customer will deposit the amount to the company’s bank account the after approving the proforma invoice.
  • The customer will be notified about loading and bank receipt after the payment.