Why Kimia Pars?

Kimia Pars with 20 years of experience in producing, procuring and sales of chemical, mineral and fertilizers believes that has well obtained its customers’ trust by providing competitive prices and timely delivery on one hand and offering quality products (produced using authentic raw materials) as mentioned in the product analysis on the other. The company also trades products of other manufacturers which results in the satisfaction of both the clients and producers.

Trading the products of other manufacturers increases their production potentials and therefore creating more career opportunities and value added for them, specially producers of Caustic Soda commodity. In the current situation, the “Resistive Economy” has become the front page of the Iranian economy by the will of the authorities of our Islamic country, we have been able to provide the goods which the necessary infrastructures for their production are absent in the country and therefore shall be imported directly from other sources.

Our development and dynamism is beholden to the continuous trend of our services to the clients by a perfectly designed selling mechanism which includes ordering, sales support, competitive price, punctual loading and shipment and daily report to the client which the perfect performing of the above mentioned is our true honor.

Sales Support

Kimia Pars engages the customers using well educated experts (with relevant education and certificates) as soon as an order has been placed by the customers whether over customer regarding the phone or by an online submission. They will assist the customer regarding shipment methods in order to prevent excessive costs. The customer is constantly reported by the relevant expert regarding the loading, shipment and delivery of the product, providing the opportunity for the customer to preschedule the delivery of the ordered products.

Factory loading

Products by Kimia Pars are shipped directly from our factory and the retail sales is also available through local warehouses in Tehran. Products of other manufactures is also shipped directly from their factories and the remaining is obtained from other ports and customs or local warehouses in Tehran or other provinces of Iran.

Note: The relevant expert is constantly in contact with the buyer through the whole stages of the sale.

Order Report

The relevant expert is responsible from the moment of order submission for the delivery schedule, loading and shipment of the product (including precise weight, packing, number of packages or drums), invoice issuance or etc. and will constantly report the above mentioned to the customer.

For the exported products, the same data is reported to the buyer with an addition of a full loading report, delivery and the B/L, Invoice, packing, certificate of origin documents and the SGS reports.

Timely Delivery

Timely delivery of the products to our customers is a matter of importance to everyone in our company and we are well aware that the timely delivery, quality guarantee and a competitive price is a key to customer satisfaction. Continuity of this trend will guarantee the increase of order placements and we assume this as an important advantage for ourselves and the other manufacturers and suppliers.

Following the above mentioned statements, we kindly ask our customers to submit their comments regarding product quality or other procedures of sale, as soon as the product delivery takes place. when it comes to improving our services, your comments are certainly valuable for us.

Yours Respectfully

Kimia Pars