Sodium Sulfate 98±1%


Sodium Sulfate 98±1%

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Sodium Sulfate 98±1%

Chemical Formula of Sodium Sulfate: Na2SO4

Other names: Thenardite | Glauber’s Salt | Sal Mirabilis | Mirabilite | Disodium Sulfate

Appearance: white crystalline solid


  1. is also used to make textiles, in the production of paper and paper pulp, in glass production, and a variety of other applications.
  2. Most sodium sulfate consumed annually is used to make soaps and detergents , It is an especially important ingredient in powdered soaps.

Packaging: 25 Kg Bags , 1 MT pallet

Price: Negotiable, depending on the amount of the order

Payment terms: T/T 100% cash in advance

Min order: 1*20 ft. FCL

Delivery time: Within 5-10 days after we receive the payment

Origin: Iran

Sodium Sulfate

Content Test Result
Purity (Dry Base) Min 98.0 %
Chloride (as NaCl) Max 1.0 %
Insoluble content Max 0.5 %
Moisture Max 0.25 %
Carbonate (as Na2CO3) Max 0.25 %
Carbonate (as Na2CO3) Max 0.25 %
PH of 5% Solution 5-10
Packing 1100±50 kg Big bag


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