Sodium Bicarbonate

Sodium Bicarbonate

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Sodium Bicarbonate

Chemical Formula: NaHCO3

Other names: Sodium Bicarb | Bicarb Soda

Grade: Industrial and Feed Grade

Appearance: White Powder


  1. Sodium Bicarbonate boosts milk production of cows
  2. As a cow feed supplement, it helps stabilizing rumen PH by reducing acidic conditions.
  3. It is also used as a partial substitute of salt in poultry rations
  4. It Increases the egg crust strength
  5. It is used in the home cleaners industry
  6. In the textile industry to handle wool and silk threads

Packaging: 25 kg bags

Price: Negotiable, depending on the order amount

Min order: 1*20 ft. FCL

Origin: Iran

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Sodium Bicarbonate Analysis

Total alkali content (as NaHCO3) 99%- 100.5%
Sodium Carbonate Max 1%
Heavy Metals (as pb) ≤0.0005%
Arsenic (AS) ≤0.0001%
Loss on drying 0.04%- 0.25%
Chlorides (as CL) ≤0.3%
Iron as Fe2O3 Max 0.0015%
PH Value (10 g/l solution) 8.2%- 8.6%


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