Sodium carbonate (dense)


Sodium carbonate (dense)

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Sodium carbonate (dense)

Chemical Formula of Sodium Carbonate (dense): Na2CO3

Other names: washing soda, soda ash and soda crystals

Purity: 99%

Grade: crystal and powder

Usages: Sodium carbonate is one of the basic materials for chemical industries, mainly used for

  1. metallurgy
  2. glass
  3. textile
  4. dye printing
  5. medicine
  6. synthetic detergent
  7. petroleum
  8. food industries

Packaging detail: 1MT jumbo bag and 50 kg bag

Price: Negotiable, depending on the amount of the order

Availability: according to the contract

Payment terms: T/T 100% cash in advance

Min order: 1*20 ft. FCL

Delivery terms: according to the contract schedule

Orgin: Manufactured by Maraghe and Semnan manufacturers and Shiraz petrochemical factory of IRAN


Dense Sodium Carbonate: An Overview

Sodium carbonate, also known as soda ash, is an inorganic compound that has a variety of uses across a range of industries. It is a white, crystalline powder that is soluble in water, and is used in a variety of applications due to its chemical and physical properties. One form of sodium carbonate is dense sodium carbonate, which is a denser form of the compound and has different properties and uses than the standard form.

Uses of Dense Sodium Carbonate

Dense sodium carbonate is used in several industrial applications, including the following:

  1. Glass Production: Dense sodium carbonate is used as a flux in the production of glass. It helps to lower the melting temperature of the glass and promotes the formation of a uniform and clear glass. The chemical reaction between sodium carbonate and silica (the main component of glass) produces sodium silicate, which acts as a bonding agent to hold the glass particles together.
  2. Detergents: Dense sodium carbonate is used as a key ingredient in the production of detergents. It acts as a builder in detergents, helping to remove dirt and stains from clothing and other surfaces. It also helps to soften water, which allows detergents to perform better.
  3. Textile Industry: Dense sodium carbonate is used in the textile industry as a neutralizing agent, helping to balance the pH of the fabric during dyeing and printing processes. It also helps to remove impurities from the fibers and can be used as a degreaser to remove oil and grease from fabrics.
  4. Soap Production: Dense sodium carbonate is used in the production of soap, where it acts as a neutralizing agent to balance the pH of the soap. It helps to ensure that the soap has a smooth and consistent texture, and can also be used as a filler to increase the bulk of the soap.
  5. Photography: Dense sodium carbonate is used in the production of photographic paper, where it acts as a fixer to stabilize the image. It helps to remove the light-sensitive silver halides from the paper and prevents them from re-exposing to light, which would cause the image to fade.
  6. Water Treatment: Dense sodium carbonate is used in water treatment to raise the pH of acidic water. This helps to neutralize the water and make it less corrosive, which is important in industrial processes that use water as a coolant or in boilers where the water must be free of acids to prevent corrosion.

Production of Dense Sodium Carbonate

Dense sodium carbonate is produced through a process known as the Solvay process. This process involves the reaction of sodium chloride (salt) and ammonia with carbon dioxide to produce sodium carbonate. The reaction takes place in a series of reactor tanks, where the solution is continuously agitated and cooled. The resulting solution is then filtered and the solid sodium carbonate is separated and dried. The final product is a dense form of sodium carbonate with a high purity.