Sodium carbonate (dense)


Sodium carbonate (dense)

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Sodium carbonate (dense)

Chemical Formula of Sodium Carbonate (dense): Na2CO3

Other names: washing soda, soda ash and soda crystals

Purity: 99%

Grade: crystal and powder

Usages: Sodium carbonate is one of the basic materials for chemical industries, mainly used for

  1. metallurgy
  2. glass
  3. textile
  4. dye printing
  5. medicine
  6. synthetic detergent
  7. petroleum
  8. food industries

Packaging detail: 1MT jumbo bag and 50 kg bag

Price: Negotiable, depending on the amount of the order

Availability: according to the contract

Payment terms: T/T 100% cash in advance

Min order: 1*20 ft. FCL

Delivery terms: according to the contract schedule

Orgin: Manufactured by Maraghe and Semnan manufacturers and Shiraz petrochemical factory of IRAN