Drilling Barite 4.2%


Drilling Barite 4.2%

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Drilling Barite 4.2%

Chemical Formula of Drilling Barite: BaSO4

Other names: Barytes

Apperance: Generally white | colorless | Grey| Brown | Yellow | light shades of blue


  1. Rubber , plastic sheet, tape , engineering plastics products for enhancing product’s anti-aging performance, can also significantly improve surface smoothness and products hardness to reduce production cost.
  2. Papermaking materials , flame-retardant materials , x-defense materials , battery cathode materials.
  3. In porcelain , material for glass, special resin, taken place the titanium dioxide as Th with pigment.
  4. The molten glass as homogeneous materials , reduce the brithness and transparency bubbles and product applications.
  5. Brighter than the glass, lead glass containing barium or CaO are.
  6. Advanced ceramics containing barium in electronics (condenser , smartphone , speaker phone ) and permanent magnet applications.

Packaging: jumbo bag or 1000Kg

Price: Negotiable, depending on the amount of the order

Payment terms: T/T 100% cash in advance

Min order: 1*20 ft. FCL

Delivery time: Within 5-10 days after we receive the payment

Origin: Iran

Barite Analysis

Content Standard Test Result
Density 4.20 g/ml, Min 4.23
Water- soluble alkaline earth metal , as calcium 250 mg/kg , Max 26
Residue greater than 75 µm Max mass fraction , 3.0% 0.02
Particle less than 6µm in equivalent spherical Max mass fraction , 30% 27.5